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Over the years WJMA has been the subject of a few news stories on WVIR channel 29 in Charlottesville. Some of them are preserved here via the links below. The news stories are fairly large files and will take a while to load on dial up connections.

There are also links to some WVJZ (old call letters for WJMA FM) spots that ran on WVIR channel 29 in Charlottesville in the spring of 1985 and 1986.

News Stories:
January 20, 1993--
This is a WVIR TV Dateline 29 news story on the purchase of WJMA by Piedmont Communications from Carl Hurlbaus. WJMA had been in decline and the purchase by Piedmont returned the station to local owners. Included in the news story are Ross Hunter, Joe Boucher, Marc "Skip" Ramsey and Phil Goodwin.

July 23, 2003--
This WVIR Dateline 29 news story was prompted by news that the 98.9 frequency (successor to 96.7) was moving to Midlothian thus removing an FM station licensed to Orange. This story includes John Schick, Ross Hunter, and Barbara Bannar. A shortened version of the story aired on the 11pm newscast. In April of 2004, WJMA programming moved from 98.9 in Orange to 103.1 in Culpeper.

October 2 , 2009--
WVIR Channel 29 did a story on the "premiere" of Now This... a documentary on WJMA's early years at the Orange County Historical Society. The story ran in the morning news, noon and 5pm

July 5, 2011--
WVIR Channel 29 aired a story on Phil Goodwin's 35 years in radio...much of it at WJMA.

TV commercials:
WVJZ (as WJMA was briefly called) traded with WVIR for a series of 10 second commercials. They were produced at WVIR with art supplied by Tom Layman of the Martin Agency. Ross Hunter did the voice over. Station receptionist Marissa Murphy provided the sighs on spot number 4.

Spot 1 :10 (204k)

Spot 2 :10 (204K)

Spot 3 :10 (224k)

Spot 4 :10 (262k)

WVJZ again traded commercials with WVIR. This time 30 second spots were produced. The first spot "Cleaning Up" features Phil Audibert as the Janitor. The voice track is from JD Slade, Phil Goodwin, Ross Hunter, Lisa (Blake) Kay, and Ken "KP" Pratt. The second spot, "Waking Up" features Susan McCurry as the legs and a JD Slade voice track. "Janet" on the phone is Janet Hague McKay.

"Cleaning Up" :30 (665k)

"Waking Up" :30 (704k)




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