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An air check was usually made by an announcer to critique a radio show much like you'd re-read a written document. We have turned up a few WJMA air checks and have links to them below. Some were continuous recordings with all program elements recorded just like they when out on the air. These have been "telescoped" or "scoped" for presentation here to edit out or shorten most of the music, commercials and news. In later years WJMA had a "skimmer" that would start recording as soon as the microphone was turned on. The skimmer tapes are not as interesting now because they didn't capture the feeling and flow of the program, but in many cases they are all that exists to document what WJMA used to sound like. Air check and skimmer recordings have been shortened to around 2 minutes or so. These files are 1 to 3 megs in size and will be a long download on dial up connections. There are more air checks to come.

Jean Love, Evening Show, December 30, 1975, 2:09 (2 meg file)

Mac Moore was the host of The Jazz Scene for an hour on Thursday evening. The program repeated on Sunday evening. Here's an edited excerpt from a March 1977 program. 2:25 ( 2.2 meg file)

Ross Hunter, Morning Show, November 24, 1983, 2:48 (2.6 meg file)

Ross Hunter, Morning Show, July 4, 1985. John Lee is doing the news. During this time WJMA FM had changed call letters to WVJZ FM, 2:00 (1.8 meg file)

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