This is an on-going collection of articles related to WJMA.

Over a year before WJMA went on the air, Welford Sherman spoke to the Orange Rotary Club about television which was sweeping the country after World War II. This article is from the April 22, 1948 issue of the Orange Review.

The May 27, 1948 issue of the Orange Review carried an article on the proposal for a radio station in Orange.

September 15, 1949 Orange Review article on WJMA beginning broadcast operations.

February 21, 1952 Orange Review article, first Station Manager resigns

Morning announcer Ed Trivette leaves for job in Florida. June 12, 1952

July 17, 1952. Assistant Manager Don Greene leaves for a job at WSVS in Crewe, VA.

October 2, 1956. Original stockholder Woodbury Ober buys out other stockholders.

May 16, 1957. WJMA and WINA Charlottesville merge operations.

March 23, 1961. Arch Harrison buys WJMA.

November 25, 1971 WJMA FM began regular broadcasting.

May 25, 1974 FCC small market radio tour.

May 30, 1974 Chet Burgess was hired as WJMA's first full time News Director

May 19, 1977 Visions of America series wins VAPB award

October 19, 1979 Rob Eure wrote a story about Arch Harrison's ownership of WJMA for the Charlottesville Daily Progress. Part 1 and Part 2.

The WJMA News Department won four awards from the Associated Press for 1982 coverage. This article was in the May 19, 1983 Orange Review after the awards had been presented at the annual AP meeting in Fredericksburg. Here's a picture.

April 5, 1984 Orange Review photo of Arch Harrison signing papers to sell WJMA to Digby Solomon.

Long time employee Pat Watson died on June 9, 1990. Here's the obituary and a news story from the Orange Review.

January 1, 1993. WJMA is sold to Piedmont Broadcasting. Part 1. Part 2. Part 3. The sale became final in March and the Orange Review had that story. And the sale was mentioned in a column in the Richmond Times Dispatch.


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