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We couldn't decide where to place these audio samples, so they've found a home here on the Miscellaneous Audio Page.

For over 20 years Arch Harrison's noon Postscript to the News was a fixture on WJMA. Of the hundreds of Postscripts that dealt with the weighty issues of the day to the mundane, we have only found three that survive:
-- Here Arch welcomes a new member to the WJMA family on November 24, 1977. The end of this one is missing.
-- The lessons learned from a beach vacation.
-- In this one Arch is saying goodbye to staff announcer Mark Johnson on February 28, 1984.

Letters To Santa. Many of the programs have been saved. Use the links below to get to various years. On the year pages you'll find links to individual programs.
1973 - not yet uploaded
1974 - not yet uploaded
1975 - not yet uploaded

1979 - not yet uploaded
1980 - not yet uploaded

Christmas Monday At One. Although Monday At One was a news or public affairs program, the last Monday prior to Christmas was a program hosted by Arch Harrison and devoted to the music of Alfred Burt. For many years Arch did the program live, but eventually it was put on tape and repeated each year. Records are incomplete, but it probably ran from 1970 to 1983. This the opening segment of the program.

Letters To Santa program aired in a number of forms over the years at WJMA. Here's a bit of the December 2, 1977 with the Postmaster and Miss Message that mentions the debut (and only appearance) of the WJMA Marching Transistor Band. This was not long after the introduction of "Radio Orange" slogan.The station bought Radio Orange T-shirts for the Prospect Heights Middle School students who marched in the parade holding transistor radios. Station staff also got T-shirts. The station broadcast Christmas music that the Transistor Band played. There's a picture of the T-shirt at this link.

1974 station identification (Ross Hunter)

1976 station identification (Ross Hunter)

1983 station identification (Ralph Graves)

1985 station identification (Lisa Blake)

The opening to Swap Shop

School lunch menus from October 9 and October 10, 1974. The menu reader is Les Myers

Someone brought a rubber ducky to the radio station and it found a home in the control room. Among other things it was occasionally used as a time signal. We had a contest to name the rubber ducky. The name of the contest winner is lost to history, but the winning name remains: Wolfman Quack.

Here's the beginning to the long running Sunday morning church broadcast. The announcer is Mark Johnson.

Chet Burgess did the 5pm news as part of his duties as WJMA's News Director. When he left WJMA for WTAR, Norfolk in 1976, we surprised him by replacing the closing news theme with this collection of staff members, friends, and news contacts wishing him well.

Each Spring for a few years in the mid 1970s, someone on the air would "open" the WJMA swimming pool. Here's one opening of the pool from Russ Roberts during a 1975 "remote" broadcast from the WJMA parking lot.

When there was a hint of snow in the weather forecast, the radio station phones would start ringing with questions about school closings. In 1977 Arch Harrison recorded a plea:please don't call us.

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