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This page is a collection of old WJMA commercials. They have been gathered from a variety of sources. The bulk of these commercials are from the 1970s. If you have additional information on any of the commercials or businesses represented, please send it to the webmaster.

These two commercials are the oldest WJMA audio yet discovered. They date from 1953 and feature the talents of Ron Landry and Chuck Brown on Webb's Super Market. Ann Butler joins them on a spot for Glady's Beauty Shop. Both of these commercials are longer than you would expect. Webb's is 3:39 and Glady's is 2:28. Chuck Brown recalls that he and Ron wrote their respective parts of the commercials and produced them with lots of tape splicing involved. These commercials are almost 60 years old. See the Ron Landry Tribute Page for more on his career.

This 30 second spot for A.E. Sims Agency dates from the early 1970s. The voice is Bill Little.
Remember when there was an Orange Drive In Theater? Here's an advertising agency spot from the early 1970s for the movie Switch Blade Sisters with a tag from Arch Harrison.
At one time Schafer Motor Company sold Chevrolet and Oldsmobile. Here's an early 1970s spot voiced by Bill Little.
Les Myers voiced this earyl 1970s 60 second spot for First Virginia Bank using a jingle supplied by the bank's advertising agency.
Little Chief Market is another business long gone from the scene. This spot from the early 1970s is voiced by Jay Kiernan who after leaving WJMA had a career in doing commercial voice over work.
Jay Kiernan's work is on display again in these two commercials. The adventures of Appleman were a series of commercials for The Apple Cart. Jay does all the voices.
Jay Kiernan wrote and produced this spot for J.P. Walters & Sons. The voices are Ross Hunter, Russ Roberts and Phil Audibert.
The G.A. Waugh Furniture Company is long gone from Orange, but this 30 second spot voiced by Russ Roberts remains. This dates from the early 1970s.
This American Silk Mill 60 second spot dates from the mid 1970s. Jean Love is the voice.
Here's a 1976 comercial for Faulconer Building Supply produced by Rob Charry. The movie The Godfather: Part II was only two years old at the time and was an influence on this commercial.. The "cast of thousands" includes Arch Harrison, Russ Roberts and Pat Watson. Can you identify any of the others?
The Lion's Den from September 1976. Arch Harrison is the announcer.
60 second commercial for Altman Furniture Company. The voice is Arch Harrison.

From time-to-time WJMA and The Daily Progress would trade advertising space for radio commercials. This 30 second spot is voiced by Mary Thompson with a tag from Arch Harrison.

Buck Early was always entertaining in his commercials. Here he is with Bill Little and music from the movie Deliverance for Early's Used Cars.

Russ Roberts is the voice for this 30 second spot for Lacy's Florist.

Before Nissan there was Datsun and P. D. Waugh sold them. Here's a 60 second spot voiced by Bill Little.

A series of spots for W.A. Sherman Company ran for years during the 7:15am weather. The unique delivery is from the late Gil Bryan.

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