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All-Time Staff list updated 10/11/2018

First Name Last Name arrival month arrival year departure month departure year WJMA position after WJMA
Gilbert Abby   1949     announcer  
William Ellsworth Aikin   1956        
Elsie Alhizer   ?     news stringer (Mineral)  
Beverley Allison   1968   1970 news stringer newswriter ABC News, Washington DC; owner Sleepy Hollow B&B, Gordonsville VA; died 10/23/2012
Fred Allman September 1949 October 1956 original stockholder owner WSVA, Harrisonburg; deceased
C Emerson Altman September 1949 October 1956 original stockholder Altman Equipment Company; deceased
Jack Ambrose   1950        
Robert R. Antrobus   1956     announcer, air name: "Bob Russell" deceased
Nicky Audibert   1976     part-time clerical WLSA Louisa VA
Phil Audibert August 1976   1986 stringer, News Director Orange County Review; OC Magazine; musician; writer
Beverly Swallow Aylor August 1958 May 1960 Program Director, secretary, bookkeeper, copy writer, receptionist WANV, Waynesboro VA
Norman C Bailey September 1949 October 1956 original stockholder State Senator, deceased
Bob Barnett   1974 July 1976 Madison County news stringer, "People's Choice" host News Director WTON Staunton VA; deceased
Wanda Barnett   1963 June 1964 clerical  
Rev Bernard Battle   1959     "Spirititual Tidings Hour" deceased
Doris Kirby Beirne   1961     Office Manager, sales died August 2005
Dan Bell   1954   1960 announcer  
Ann Pritchett Benzinger   1983   1985 sales died September 23, 2012
Judy Berger   1985   1988 sales WAVF Charleston SC; Jefferson Area Board on Aging, Charlottesville VA
Helen Berry   1967        
Lelia Bickers   1966        
Ron N Bieda   1955        
Lisa Kay Blake   1985   1988 announcer WRVQ Richmond VA; WQDR Raleigh NC; Custom Voiceovers; died 1/14/2018
Harry T. Blankenship   1961        
Dave Blevins   1993     Sunday evening Blue Grass Winchester VA radio, RadioGrass 20, died July 1, 2007
Dave Blount August 1986 September 1987 News Director WINA news Charlottesville, VA; education and local gov't lobbyist
Eugene V 'Gene' Bossieux October 1956   1980 Chief Engineer 1956-1961 & 1974-1980 Ham Radio call W4IWW; WINA 1961-1974; WJMA 1974-1980; died November 8, 1995
Joe Boucher   1993   2004 announcer, Traffic Manager Clear Channel Charlottesville VA
Warren L Braun   1949   1950 consulting engineer, built original WJMA facility in 1949 inventor holding numerous cable industry patents, writer; died April 28, 2014
Robert C. Brawley September 1991        
Greg Breeden Fall 1994 Spring 2001 parttime announcer, host '8 Track Flashback' WKIK & WKHK Richmond VA; PD, MD, GM WBNN Dillwyn VA; voice tracks for 19 stations; WSVS Crewe VA; WSIG Harrisonburg VA
John Brooks   1961   1962 weekend announcer Principal Gordonsville/Barboursville/Unionville; Elementary Supervisor Culpeper County; died February 9, 2012
Charles F. Brown July 21 1952 July 11 1954 announcer, Chief Engineer WJWS/WSHV 1954-1988 Chief Engineer/DJ (WSVS prior to WJMA)
Gil Bryan   1966 August 1971 announcer, Chief Engineer WCHV Charlottesville VA; WFTR Front Royal VA; WINC Winchester VA; died Feb 19, 1977
Jane Bryan   1968 August 1971 news stringer died April 11, 2007
Gregg Buickel November 1990 April 1991 announcer WKDQ Henderson KY http://www.wkdqcom/personalities/
Chet Burgess June 3 1974 Fall 1975 intern, News Director WTAR radio/TV Norfolk VA; original hire at CNN Atlanta;
Florence Hutchinson Burrus   1953        
Ann G. Butler September 1949   1957 Publicity Director, Production Manager, Woman's Director deceased
Charlie R Butler September 1949 October 1956 original stockholder C R Butler Building Supplies; deceased
Kathy Campbell   2010     Sales  
Cathy Carpenter   1985     sales  
Richard Carpenter   1983   1985 part-time announcer  
Debbie Carr   1982   1983 part-time announcer  
C. Ted Carroll   1968   1974 football play-by-play Orange County Extension Agent; Mayor of Town of Orange
Teresa C Verling Carson May 1960 July 1960 Secretary/Receptionist/Afternoon Show/Woman's Editor retired
Claiborne 'China' Carter September 1949 October 1956 original stockholder Kentucky Flooring Company; deceased
Robert Charry July 1976 September 1976 part-time announcer WCHV & WWWV Charlottesville; WKDW Staunton; WRXL Richmond; WMAD-FM Madison WI; KFAT-FM San Jose CA; WYSP & WIP Philadelphia
Zed W Chewning September 1949 October 1956 original stockholder businessman; deceased
LeRoy Childress   1960   1961 News Director  
Wilma Christenson   1951        
Cathy Wills Christovich fall 1970 August 1971 announcer, copy writer WTTG channel 5; WETA channel 26 Washington DC; retired
Hugh C Clark September 1949 October 1956 original stockholder Orange Produce Company; deceased
Mitzi Clark   1977   1984 news stringer (Greene County) realtor; retired
Thomas F Clark   1961   1963 fulltime announcer  
C Cosby Cluff September 1949 October 1956 original stockholder C Cosby Cluff HVAC; deceased
Harrison Cluff   1987   1989 parttime DJ college, WAGA-TV, Morris Communications, Production Director at UVa
Michael A. Coffey   1971     engineer  
Joel E. Cole   1955 January 1956 Chief Engineer, Farm Director, General Manager (1956) Sales Engineer-Southeast Territory for Gates Radio
Frank L Colvin September 1949 October 1956 original stockholder owner Colvin Motor Lines; Mayor, Town of Orange; died Jan 26, 1981
Cindy Cooper   1964     clerical  
Paula Coradi   1994   1996 announcer 'Paula C'  
Lennie Cowherd   1978   1988 Chief Engineer CE WCVA; educator; Technicolor; service technician; retired
'Jiggs' Craun September 1949 October 1956 original stockholder Texaco service station; deceased
'Mutt' Craun September 1949 October 1956 original stockholder Texaco service station; deceased
Midge Craun   1982   1985 copy writer, clerical  
John Cregg April 13 1964   1973 announcer US Postal Service Denver; died July 25, 2003
Rob Cressman May 1990 May 1992 announcer, Program Director, Promotion Manager, Operations Manager WAVF Charleston SC; WMFS Memphis TN; Lazer (WLZR) 993 Springfield MA; Dr of Programming Clear Channel, Indianapolis; PD WDRV Chicago
Sally Crismond   1982   1988 sales realtor; Orange County Assistant Registrar; retired; died October 25, 2014
Kevin Curran   1992   1993 Sales Manager  
Kevin Dalton October 2012     General Manager  
Ernest Davis   1966        
Eddie Dean   1974     sports commentator Athletic Director Madison High School; Madison County Supervisor
Jean Deane   1952        
Timmy Deane September 1987     announcer  
Henry C DeJarnette September 1949 October 1956 original stockholder attorney; Clerk of the Court; deceased
Vince DeMaio   1985   1986 announcer WRXL Richmond VA
Janet Dennis Stemm Summer 1963     Secretary  
James L. Derrick   1951        
Butch DeVivi   ?     part-time announcer  
Bill Diehl   1971     news commentary "Dealing It Out"  
Gary Dillon   1994   1996 part time announcer (also Orange Police officer) Orange Police Dept; Program Manager Virginia Department of Crimina Justice Services
Charles N. Doll   1955       died March 19, 2003
Paul A. Dreher   1955        
Rick Dreves   1975     part-time announcer Director, Friend of South Cumberland State Park, Tennessee; WUVA director;
Barbara Potter Drinkwater   1977   1981 part-time producer/news stringer/clerical realtor Barbara Potter & Associates; retired
Jack Du Long November 1958 July 1959 announcer KURL Billings MT; stations in Missoula, MT; Bay City, MI; Beloit, WI; Casper, WY
Ann Duff   1956     secretary  
Lewis W. Duffey, Jr   1966   1967    
Duke DuFrane   1960 summer 1961 part-time announcer Rochester Rope
Liz Duncan Verrochio   2005   2018 Sales Manager Dr Hoover, Culpeper
Watt J Dunnington September 1949 October 1956 original stockholder attorney; deceased
Mary Dworkin   1983        
Gertrude Early   1952        
William B Early September 1949 October 1956 original stockholder banker; deceased
Talmadge England Fall 1949 January 1950 first Chief Engineer WMIK, Middletown TN; Bettis Atomic Power Lab; Nuclear engineer; Los Alamos National Lab; died Dec 3, 2009
Tina Page Eschelman   1988     News Director Charlottesville Daily Progress; Richmond Times Dispatch
Clint Estes   1977   2004 sports play-by-play administrator Fluvanna County Schools; sports WTKR Radio; James Madison Uiversity football (WSVA), high school football (WKAV)
Rob Eure   1980     news stringer Roanoke Times; Virginian Pilot; Portland Oregonian; Wall Street Journal; died Oct 4 2005
Robert H. Forman III   1964 September 1964 part-time announcer college
Alex Formwalt   1967   1970 part-time announcer WCHV/WCCV/WELK Charlottesville VA; US Air Force Colonel (ret); URS Corporation
William Formwalt   1968   1972 Santa Claus deceased September 23, 2007
David Gafford   1950        
Al Gaige June 1989   1991 Program Director started GWC TV; General Manager WPOS-FM Holland, Ohio
Clint Gaige   1989   1992 announcer Program Director WCUL/WCVA Culpeper VA; Growth Media Services
Andre Gainsback   1984     part-time announcer Internet Market and Web Desinger
Barney F. Ganga   1955   1956    
Ann B Ganz Oct 1963 June 1964 Secretary/Receptionist Woodberry Forest School; Plow & Hearth; retired
James M Ganz   1963     part-time announcer US Army; Civil Service; retired, senior softball league commissioner Silver Spring MD
Florence Garcia   1962 Oct 1963? Secretary/Receptionist  
Gary Gardner   1973   1975 announcer using "Gary Reid" WFOG Norfolk; teacher
Jane Gardner   1973   1975 news stringer WTVR TV Richmond; WVEC TV Norfolk; inducted into Virginia Communicators HoF March 2018
Josh Geesaman   1993   1994 part-time announcer aka "Rip Alexander"  
Vince Genson   1988     General Manager  
Charlie D. Gentry   1967        
Charles Gill September 1949 October 1956 original stockholder Gill Hardware; deceased
J Haywood Gillum September 1949 October 1956 original stockholder Peoples Grocery, Orange; deceased
Mike Gleason   1966       News Director WINA Charlottesville, VA
Bill Goldstein December 1987 February 1988   WGRQ Colonial Beach; WFLS Fredericksburg; WTOP Washington; Voice of America; Westwood One News Network
Edward J Gombos   1956     Station Manager died February 4, 1991
Phil Goodwin August 1976   to present announcer, Music Director, News Director WINA Charlottesville; WCUL Culpeper; WTKR Stanardsville...all in Virginia, back to WJMA
Jackie Gordon   1969        
Ralph Graves   1983   1987 part-time announcer WTJU Charlottesville; Nimbus Records; DCD Records
Tom Graves November 1979 August 1983 announcer, Sports Director WCHV, Charlottesville; Customer Communications Director, Carolina Biological Supply
Cameron Gray   1988     announcer as 'Kyle Stevens' WJFK Washington; Operations Manager Redskins Radio; Sirius XM Satellite Radio; National Rifle Association
Doris F. Green   1967       newspaper editor in suburban Atlanta; Department of Defence, Germany; retired
Andrew J. Green, Jr   1966     announcer US Army, C&P Telephone; died January 19, 2013
Donald W. Greene December 1951 July 1952 Assistant Manger WSVS Crewe VA
Will Gregg   1990     sports WINA/UVa football
Mary Beverley Grymes   1949        
Kenneth W Gunter   1961   late 1961 announcer WPRW Manassas; United Air Lines, Charlotte; announcer for Charlotte Country Day Bucs; died July 8, 2008
Chet Hagan   1974   1975 news commentator 'Eye on the Tube' network TV producer NBC, won Emmy for "Flight of Friendship 7"; won Peabody for civil rights coverage; died 2/11/2002
Bill Hager Spring 1958   1968 engineer, announcer, sports play-by-play, Sports Director Crafton & Sparks, Orange; Flowers School Equipment; T&B Equipment Rental
Roy S. Hager   1967   1973 contract engineer Hager Radio & TV; deceased
Janet Hague   1984   1987 sales  
Leonard William Hague III   1989        
Greg Hale   1986   1987 announcer WFLS Fredericksburg; WPED Crozet; died June 26, 1989
Patricia Hammill   1975     news stringer (Madison County)  
Betsy Haney   1986   1994 announcer as Joy Newman  
Sue Harlow   1993     announcer, Music Director  
June Harres   1967        
Arch Harrison July 1 1961 April 1984 General Manager, Sales Manager, owner 1961-1984 died November 29, 2013
Edmund Harrison   1971     "Spiritual Tidings Hour" host  
Gary Harrison   1986 September 29 2012 contract engineer, CE, PD, GM, owner Virgina Tech Foundation (WVTF) engineering staff
Reid Harrison   1970   1981 news stringer, part-time announcer screenwriter; TV writer; standup comic
Lewis A. Harvey   1966     part-time announcer  
Art L. Hasty   1966        
Mike Hays   1993   1995 announcer, Music Director Nashville music promoter; died November 14, 2007 at age 52
Nick Henry   2005   2007 parttime board operator Dominion Market Research, Orange VA
Bill Herndon   1969     part-time announcer auto sales in Flordia
Donald G Heyne October 1957 July 1 1961 owner 1957-1961 owner WINA/WQMZ Charlottesville VA; died June 10, 2007
James Hoeflinger   1988   1988 announcer WTOP Washington DC traffic
Morton R. Hoffman   1955        
Molly Hoffman Crook   1978   1979 announcer KVCR, San Bernardino CA; NPR, Cedar Falls IA; gifted resource teacher Mathews County (VA) Public Schools
Hillary Homzie Fall 1988 August 1989 News Director Pennsylvania Ballet; children's book author, Hollins Univeristy & Sonoma State
Jerry Hooper   1971   1973 part-time announcer WVIR TV; WSLS TV; WRLU; KJNO; Alaska State Police; Midglen Logistics
Lisa K Howard   1993   2003 part-time announcer WAMU Washington DC;
Mike Howes   1995   2003 football color commentaror teacher/coach Wake County NC Schools
Nancy Howes   1978     part-time announcer teacher Augusta County VA Schools
June Humes   1975   1985 house keeper deceased
Ross Hunter August 21 1971 September 17 1986 announcer, Program Director, Operations Manager WCUL Culpeper, VA; Dominion Market Research
John L. Hunter Jr June 1952     announcer  
Carl W Hurlebaus III   1988   1993 owner 1988-1993  
Kerry James November 2006 September 2007 morning announcer Monticello Media, Charlottesville
Roger E. Jarrell   1969       President Country Galleries; VP Gallahans Furniture
Sue Jarrett   1982   1983 sports stringer/color  
Mark Johnson September 1981 February 29 1984 part-time announcer, sports color WLSA, WKAV; Johnson Tire; Orange County Supervisor
Mary Johnson   1982     sales WCUL Culpeper VA; advertising agency
Peytie Johnson Oct 1949 May 1 1950 Miss Peytie's Open House  
Edward Jones   1961     part-time announcer, sales  
Otis Broadus Jones September 1949 October 1956 original stockholder Rapidan Milling Company; deceased
Sarah M Colvin Jones   1956     clerical retired
Susan Kalan   1982     sales realtor
Annette Kastner   1990   2004 parttime announcer, fill-in on bluegrass shows WLSA; WKAV; WTJU
Jay Kiernan December 1976 Fall 1979 production, copy writing WWWV, Charlottesville, VA; Atlanta ad agency; Jay Kiernan voiceovers
June Krishna   1986   1992 sales, General Manager Charlottesville Chamber of Commerce
David Kube   1984   1985 sports football and basketball play-by-play Orange Review, UVA Sports Information
Orville A. LaGuire   1951        
Edward Landes July 1952 October 1953    
Ron Landry November 1953 July 1955 Announcer, Publicity Director WBTM Danville; WSLS Roanoke; WDRC Hartford; WBZ Boston; KFI Los Angeles; died Sept 16 2002
Everett Lane   1949   1949 Assistant Manager, announcer sales; died February 7, 1983
Taff Lawton   1985   1986 morning drive on WJMA AM CPA in Orange; deceased November 23, 2016
Andy Lax August 1970 December 1976 part-time announcer attorney Charlotte, NC
John Lee August 1986 August 1988 News Director WVIR-TV, Charlottesville; Washington News Channel 8
John C LeGarde   1961   1966 part time, then full time announcer, Swap Shop founder  
Joel Dan 'Jack' Lehman   195? November 1956 announcer, Chief Engineer, Sales Manager Chief Engineer WASL, Annapolis MD
Dorothy Lewis   1951        
Bill Little summer 1958 spring 1986 announcer; sports color; Sales Manager Dominion Market Research, Orange VA
C William Little Jr   1955   1963 Sales Manager, Santa Claus Virginia Metal Industries; deceased
Dudley Littlehales   1976     news stringer (Madison County)  
Joe Livetti   1956        
Art Livick August 1949 March 1952 first General Manager, Commercial & Progam Manager "The Old Timer" Equitable Life Assurance Company; died April 1967
Hal Lockhart   1977     sports commentator football coach Louisa County High School
Ben Long   1949        
Harry Long   1956        
Jean Love Fall 1972 Spring 1981 announcer, full time 72-76, part time 76-82 Orange High School art/English teacher; retired/founder Four County Players; designer of Orange County seal; died Jan 3, 2015
Leslie Lovett   1994   1995 sales WGRQ King George; WQPO Harrisonburg
Robert H. MacCallum summer 1956 summer 1957 Assistant Manager, sales, announcer, "Tic Toc Time" UVa grad student; retired
Wesley D. Mackey Spring 1963 September 1963 part-time announcer deceased
John E. MacLeish   1950        
John C. Mahaney Jr April 1957 Feb 1958 Sales Manager/fill-in announcer President & CEO: Ohio Council of Retail Merchants; retired 2013
Robert A. Malle   1969        
Ann Mallory   1950        
Chris Mantine   1977     part-time announcer  
J. R. Marber   1972        
Jay Marks   1967   1974 part-time announcer, sports physician Little Rock, Arkansas
Chris Martin   1983   1984 news stringer  
Harry C Mason September 1949 October 1956 original stockholder Mason Insurance Agency; deceased
Vivian McAlexander   1989   1995 Receptionist died August 27, 2011
Patricia McArver Fall 1978 Summer 1984 news stringer (Madison County), News Director Editor Madison Eagle, Orange County Review; publications for Woodberry Forest School and The Citidel; teacher; Interin VP The Citidel
F. Joseph McCaffrey   1968        
Laurie MCCullough   1979   1982 part-time announcer administrator Waynesboro City Schools; interim Director Virginia Association for Supervison and Curriculum Development
Susan McCurry   1982   1988 sales Community Mortgage, Orange VA
Charles McGinley September 1949 August 24 1950 Assistant Manager, Announcer, Program Director, Sales Naval officer, Korean War; WSVA Harrisonburg VA; Episcopal priest; retired
Katherine S. McNett   1972     news stringer  
Dorothy Mench   1970   1972 news stringer Charlottesville Daily Progress stringer; died December 24, 2010
Joan Mench Clark   1970        
Donna L. Mesimer June 1964   1966 Receptionist/Secretary deceased 1989
Bill Michaels December 1987 February 1989 announcer WGRQ & WFLS Fredericksburg VA; Metro Networks, WTOP Radio & WUSA TV both Washington DC
Joseph L. Moetz   1953        
Martin Mooney   1978     sports commentator football coach Greene County High School
Mac Moore   1973     host "The Jazz Scene" teacher Woodberry Forest School; died Jan 28, 1992
Carl Morris   1994   1995 announcer  
J. R. Morris   1967        
Chris Murphy   2000     announcer aka 'Dan Mayson'  
Dana Murphy   1980     receptionist  
Marisa Murphy Jan 1980   1985 receptionist, producer Swap Shop law office administrator
Les Myers September 1970 June 1972 announcer, host "Night Music" Woodberry Forest School 1972-75; WBHM Birmingham AL; Maine Public Radio; Maine AIRS; retired
Edgar B Myrtle   1956 early 1957 Announcer W&L University; DuPont Company, retired; used Ed Murtell on the air
Jane W. Nills   1971        
Yon O'Connor May 1993   2001 announcer, sales Senior Marketing Manager: WCYK, WHTE, WZGN, WKAV, WCHV all Charlottesville VA
Matthew O'Neil January 1991        
Woodbury Ober September 1949 July 1961 original stockholder developer; died Jan 1995
Tom Osina   1979     announcer WINA news; National Propane Gas Association
Jason Owens Sept 1989 March 1991 weekend announcer WCUL Culpeper News Director; WFTR Front Royla Shen U basketball; WQMZ Charlottesville part-time; WAAI Hurlock MD, WINC-FM Winchester; Accounting Mgr Delmarva Pole Bldgs
Ed Painter   1965     announcer WMAL Washington; engineer Redskins network; deceased
Dean Palmer   1986   1992 announcer, sports color  
Melissa Pierson   1953        
Benjamin T Pitts September 1949 October 1956 original stockholder Pitts Theatres, deceased
Robert J. Powell   1953     announcer, "Keyboard Capers"  
Ken 'KP' Pratt August 1984 February 1988 announcer WYND Spotsylvania VA; Loudoun County Sheriff's Department
Jean Purcell   1961   1972 news stringer reporter for Richmond Times News Leader; Charlottesville Daily Progress; died 2/16/2011
Woody Purcell   1959   1960 announcer WCHV
Paul E. Pysell   1965     announcer  
Joseph F Quinn   1950 March 1951 Assistant Manager, Program Director  
Marc Ramsey December 1993 October 1994 General Manager Owens & Ramsey Historical Booksellers
Grey Redman   1970        
Wynne Reece September 1994 August 1995 sales Drive Smart Virginia
Nancy L. Richardson   1980        
Jesse A. Ring   1950        
Retha D Rish            
Dot Roberts   1951     copy writer died February 3, 2008
Jerry Jane Roberts   1950        
Russ Roberts   1972   1980 announcer, Music Director WCHV Charlottesville VA; pilot Republic Airlines, Captain Northwest (Delta) Airlines
David A. Rock Jr Oct 1963 May 1964 part-time announcer founder Paragon International (meeting & events production company)
W J Rollins September 1949 October 1956 original stockholder Rollins Grocery, deceased
India Barton Rose   1996   2004 part-time announcer WBQB Fredericksburg VA; Virginia Living Television, Culpeper; Speedy Spots voice overs; Woodberry Forest School
Steve Ryerson   1986   1992 News Director, Operations Manager, Public Affairs Director  
Mary Moore Sandridge   1980     news stringer WCHV News, WVIR TV, Charlottesville VA; VA Associated Press Broadcasters board
Cindy Sanford   1969        
Katy Lee Saylor July 1960 July 1961 clerical Secretary/Receptionist
Vincent John Scappatura   1950        
Boyd Schellinger October 1949   1953 announcer, air name 'Boyd Schilling' WSVA, Harrisonburg VA; WSBT AM/TV, South Bend, IN; Bendix Corp; died November 8, 2005
Patricia Ann Schellinger   1949   1953 copy writer died July 2, 1992
John Schick October 1993 December 14 2009 General Manager, stockholder Special Education, Louisa County Schools
Herman P. Schmidt   1962     part-time announcer deceased
Mark Schuyler summer 1975 Fall 1975 intern/trainee WKCR & WNYC, New York City; WTJU, C'ville; founder WNRN Charlottesville, VA; lighting desinger
Julia Scrodelis   1985   1988 sales died July 12, 2009
Donald K Seal January 1987        
Jason Senters August 5 1986   1992 part-time announcer  
Randy Shavis   1975     part-time announcer  
Mark Shepherd   1984   1988 engineer Orioles baseball, Redsking & VA Tech football Food Lion
Lula Mae Herndon Sherman   1953     clerical retired
Welford Sherman January 1949 October 1956 founder, original stockholder W A Sherman Co--Orange VA; died January 20, 2010
Red Shipley May 30 1956 November 1959 morning anncr, sports, host "Stained Glass Blue Grass" WPRW, WKCW, WPIK, WAMU Washington; back to WJMA; died October 6, 2007
James E. 'Jim' Simmons July 1952     Program Director, General Manager (6/10/1954)  
Arthur Simms September 1949 October 1956 original stockholder A E Simms Texaco fuel distributor, deceased
Peter T. Simpson   1956        
Joe Sims   1961       deceased
Paul Sizemore   1961     sports commentator football coach Orange County High School, died Aug 30, 2005
Laura Skelly   1994   1997 Public Affairs Director  
J D Slade   1973   1975 announcer, Program Director WTON, Staunton VA; WCVA, Culpeper VA; WYSP & WYFI, Philadelphia, PA
Ron Smallwood   1963 September 1964 announcer college, attorney
Delbert Smith   1949        
Lex Smith August 1979   1981 sales retired administrator Orange County Schools
Monty M Smith September 1955 September 1958 part-time announcer, announcer WFLS Fredericksburg, VA; WSTS Messina, NY; WHFV-TV Fredericksburg, VA; retired; died July 14, 2011
Tom Smith   1981   1983 sports stringer  
William E. Smith   1950        
Beverly Smithson   1966        
Arthur Snowberger   1950   1962 announcer Snowberger Electric Co; United Broadcasting, Washington DC; owener WHAG AM & TV; utilities manager Hagerstown, MD; died May 16, 2007
Digby Solomon April 1984   1989 owner Chicago Tribune internet services; publisher "Hoy"; publisher "Newport News Daily Press"
Henry Spahr   1955        
Ed Sparks September 1949 October 1956 original stockholder Sparks Grocery; died July 20, 2010
Ray Spears   2003     Sunday evening Blue Grass WTJU Charlottesville; died December 11, 2005
Hartzel Spence September 1949 October 1956 original stockholder writer novels, started "Yank" magazine; Saturday Evening Post, Look, Reader's Digest; died May 9, 2001
Eric St James   ?     Music Director, high school football play-by-play  
Kiki Steele June 1980 September 1980 news stringer, summer intern UVa medical school; physician
Art Stone   1966        
Jeff Stone   1986   1995 contract engineer  
Chuck Strome   1980     news intern City Manager New Rochelle NY
Bob Stuart October 1953 October 1953 announcer stayed less than a day! Left for a job in Texas
Richard B Suddith September 1949 October 1956 original stockholder Buick dealer; deceased
Page Talley   1966        
David Taylor   1975     part-time announcer, sport play-by-play Dir Electronic Communications James Madison University
Brenda Thier Evans   1986   1986 sales department intern, Wells Fargo Home Mortgage WTVR TV, Richmond
Leri Vesitis Thomas   1983     copy writer Woodberry Forest School
Mary Thompson December 1975 summer 1979 announcer, sales WQRA Warrenton VA; Postmaster, Delaplane VA; retired
Russ Tice Spring 1977 Fall 1977 part-time announcer Virginia Tech; Boeing (Seattle, WA)
Anne Carter Townville   1971        
Charles S. Trainor   1977     part-time announcer  
Bob Traister Summer 1969 January 1971 announcer, Chief Engineer WFTR Front Royal; author; died October 2007
Joe Trivette September 1949 June 1952 first morning announcer; Chief Engineer; Farm Director WLAK Lakeland FL; died March 4, 1993
Joseph Lee Tully October 1950   1952 Promotion Manager, News Director WRC Radio, Washington; NCB TV Washington; Producer/Director 'Meet the Press'; Dowd Advertising, Boston; Orgainzational Services Corp, Brighton; died August 1979
Jeannie Turner   1951        
John Tuttle   1950        
Branch Twigg   1959     sales "Branch Twigg" on air name  
George B Tyler September 1949 October 1956 original stockholder attorney, deceased
Ann Velez   2006     Sales Manager  
Lynne Vogt   1994   1994 announcer News producer WVIR TV
Robert C Wagner October 1956 January 5 1959 Program Manager, General Manager WBRX Berwick, PA; play-by-play University of Michigan football; deceased
Ann Harrison Walker   1975     Christmas time "Miss Message", news stringer voice over Nashville, TN and Chapel Hill, NC
Mark C. Walker December 1969 May 1971 announcer WHBG Harrisonburg; WAFC Staunton; WEET & WRNL Richmond; KIXS Killeen TX; WBIA Augusta GA; WQRA Warrenton; WFLS Fredericksburg; author; FredPod podcast;
Alfred 'Tubby' Walthall Sept 1951 May 1954 Assistant GM, General Manager, Farm Director WSVS Crewe VA,owner WJVW South Hill; died Nov 8, 1991
Phyllis Wampler   1950   1956    
Pat Watson   1966   1988 Traffic Manager, sports commentator "Pat's Picks" died June 9, 1990
Goree Waugh September 1949 October 1956 original stockholder Waugh Furniture Company, deceased
Martin J. Wayne March 28 1964 September 1964 part-time announcer college
Wendy Wheaton   1982     sales teacher Orange County Schools
Claude F. White February 1959 April 1961 General Manager, Commercial Manager WINA Charlottesville VA; WLCM AM Lancaster SC; deceased
Lila Young White October 1988   1994? News Director WVIR TV Charlottesville; deputy press secretary for Virginia Gov Gilmore
C. Frank White Jr   1959   1962 announcer, Chief Engineer  
Joe Whitten   1982     part-time announcer accountant Christ Hospital Jersey City NJ
Youtha Whitten Hardman-Cromwell early 1980   1984 part-time announcer Methodist minister; teacher and Dean at Wesley Theological Seminary, Washington DC
Walt F. Wilkerson   1951   1954 Chief Engineer WCVA
Wyatt Williams September 1949 October 1956 original stockholder cattle farmer Yatton Farm; deceased
Dave Williamson   1976   1979 part-time announcer  
Seth Williamson late 1966 early 1968 part-time, later full-time announcer WVTF Roanoke, VA; died October 6, 2011
Leslie Willis   1980     sales  
Russell Willis Taylor   1983     copywriter President & CEO National Arts Strategies
Edwin B Wilson   1955     Station Manager  
Robert E. Witt September 1963 March 29 1964 announcer WIVE Ashland VA, stations in Alabama and Richmond, US Navy, died 2000
Bill Woolfolk summers 1980--1983 August 1983 news  
Neal or Neil Woolford (sp?)   1958 March 1959 afternoon announcer  
Pete York   1982     part-time announcer Saint Anne's School, Charlottesville, VA; Assoc Headmaster James River Day School, Lynchburg






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