Letters to Santa - 2013

For the 2013 Christmas season JD Slade decided to revive the Letters To Santa program. JD writes:

Arch Harrison saw something in me that clicked...I truly admired the man. I started at WJMA in 1972, that winter I heard Letters to Santa with Arch and Ann.
30 years later I suggested that Letters to Santa is a good feature. I went into the studio and tried to update the format, but it's purpose is still the same letters, kids, and Santa.
This was a labor of love and an homage to a man I will never forget.


Here are the eight programs for 2013. The ran three times a day from December 10 through Christmas Eve.

Program 1 (4:01)
Program 2 (4:27)
Program 3 (3:14)
Program 4 (3:05)
Program 5 (3:21)
Program 6 (3:29)
Program 7 (3:44)
Program 8 (3:38)




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