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Many of the WJMA staff, news department and spouses attended the May 14, 1983 Associated Press convention in Fredericksburg where WJMA won four awards in the Non-Metro Radio category. From left-to-right: in the front row: Marion and Arch Harrison. Arch is holding the prestegious "Douglas Southall Freeman Award for Public Service Through Broadcast Journalism" for the weekly program "Monday At One". This was WJMA's fourth Freeman award in nine years. In the second row: Ed Pritchet; Ann Pritchett; Phil Audibert with the "Best Feature Story for Non-Metro Radio" award for Phil's story about Barboursville Winery; Lillian Goodwin; Patricia McArver is holding the "Outstanding News Operation in Virginia for Non-Metro Radio"; Suzie Audibert. Back row: Bill Woolfolk; Phil Goodwin holding the "Best Coverage of a Continuing News Story for Non-Metro Radio" award for coverage throughout the 1982 uranium mining controversy; Carol Hunter; and Ross Hunter.