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WJMA often had a broadcast position at the Orange Street Festival. This picture from the summer of 1977 shows the booth in front of the now gone Gregg's Drug Store. Left to right in the picture: Reid Harrison, Phil Audibert, Russ Roberts, Charlie Horn, Mark Schyler.

Russ Roberts remembers: "The man seated at the table speaking to me is Col. Charles S. Horn, M.D. That summer I was teaching Charlie to fly. He was spending the summer before U.Va. Med school repairing his family farm's fences in Madison County and getting his private pilot certificate.

One very hot July day Charlie was out building new fences with WJMA playing on the portable radio, which sat on a fence post. During lunch he called me to tell me what he was doing, and to complain about the blistering heat. I played "White Christmas" for him. It remains an often told story in his family.
For the past twenty five years, my friend Charlie has been a pediatrician and family physician in the United States Army."