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This view of DeVivi's Restaurant and Jefferson Motel is probably from the mid-1970s. The newer section of the motel opened in the Spring of 1966.
This view shows newer windows than the earlier black and white view. Also the Chicken in the Rough sign appears at the far right.
The phone numbers on the back of the card are 672-4855 and 672-4856 which dates it later than November 17, 1968, when the 672 exchange was introduced.
Site readers identify some of the vehicles as: red car to the left looks like a 1972 Ford Torino with a 1973-74 Chrysler to its car with black roof is a 1968 Camaro...
The DeVivi Restaurant and Jefferson Motel were torn down in October of 2008 and replaced by a Best Western motel.
The color image is by Chris Mayer from a post card published by Mayer Post Card Co, 2234 Maiden Lane SW, Roanoke VA 24015.
contributed by Lynne Vogt
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