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The WJMA control room in 1982. The board was an Ampro model AC8. There's more on Ampro boards on this web site . There are two Revox A77 reel-to-reel tape decks mounted in the rack to the right. Just above the coffee mug is a Broadcast Electronics three deck cart machine. The machine sensed secondary audio tones on carts to start the next deck.
Just above the cart machine is the HeathKit weather station. It gave the current temperature, wind speed and direction as well as the humidity. It also recorded daily high and low temperatures as well as wind gusts. Under the clock is a digital count down clock that resent to zero whenever a new event new started.
The tape cartridge commercials on top of the board are for Schewel Furniture, Firestone Tire, and IGA. The handwriting on the weather forecast (yellow teletype paper above the right VU meter) appears to be Phil Goodwin's. On the left side of the weather is a notation of the high and low temperatures in the past 24 hours and the time each was set. That information came from the HeathKit weather station. High and low temperatures were also recorded daily on a chart along with precipitation amounts.
Above the weather forecast are two sets of index card on ring binders. The top one was the lost & found, the lower one was for local public service announcements.
photo by Ross Hunter
Heathkit virtual museum site.
HeathKit information from Wikipedia.