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This view of DeVivi's Restaurant was taken from US Route 15 and probably dates from the late 1950s.
WJMA studios were in this building for 10 years beginning in September of 1949 until 1959 when it moved to Spicers Mill Road.
The DeVivi building was unused for many years. On October 15, 2008, demolition of the building was begun to make way for a Best Western motel.
One site reader offers this comment to date the image: "No earlier than Fall 1956 because there is a 1957 Ford (the two-tone downward slope on the 1955 model was just after the front door's front edge, while it was near the rear edge of the front door of the 1956 and 1957 Fords, but the swoosh to the rear of the downward point rose to the top of the fins in the 1957 model). The bull's-eye tail lights are larger on the 1957 model than on the 1956 model, and it appears that this car has the larger tail lights."
This image is from an undated post card contributed by Lynne Vogt