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We're not sure why this picture was taken. I looks as if we were going to "photoshop" in someone else. This was 1982, long before Photoshop which was first relased in 1988. Left to right: Phil Goodwin, Phil Audibert, and Tom Graves asking for an autograph.

This is probably the best pictrure we have of all the news awards that WJMA won under the direction of WJMA's first News Director Chet Burgess and his successor Phil Audibert. Patricia McArver would add a few more in following years. Unfortunately the photo is not sharp enough to identify each award. There's more detail on the awards on the News page of this site.

The large awards on the top row are Douglas Shouthall Freeman awards for Public Service Through Radio Journalism. Some feel this is the most prestigious awards from the Virginia Associated Press. There's more information on the awards on the News page of this site.
photo by Ross Hunter