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The Orange County Chapter of the American Cancer Society was the subject of Monday At One on January 13, 1975. This picture is from the 1/16/1975 issue of the Orange Review.
From left to right: Dr. R.S. LeGarde, Orange County Health Director; Ross Hunter, program host; Dr. U.G. Turner III, OBGYN from Charlottesville; Henry Fitzhugh, President of the Orange Chapter of the ACS; Dr. Ann Brower, radiologist from the University of Virginia Hospital; and Frances Southall, ACS Area Supervisor.
Monday at One must have just ended as the clock on the left shows almost 2:08.
This picture was taken in Studio A. On the other side of the wall to the right is the parking lot, to the left is the control room. At the time Studio A was a record library, office and news/interview studio.
Dr. LeGarde is the father of former WJMA announcer and originator of Swap Shop, John LeGarde.
photo from the Orange Review